Call for the 13th International Scientific Conference

March 1, 2023
March 14, 2023
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Call for the 13th International Scientific Conference


The mission of the conference titled “NEW TIME, NEW VALUES IN SCIENCE AND SOCIETY” consists in stimulating and presenting scientific and social findings about the opportunities, characteristics, and conditions of contemporary life. The justification of this thematic preference of the conference relates to the changes on a global level, which brought about a new time and new values in science and society. Things are no longer the way they once were, so new values and circumstances have been imposed that affect the social development. There can be no progress on a scientific and social level, if more effective forms of analysis, action, and behaviour are not implemented. World events resulting from the pandemic, the energy crisis, the economic recession, and the military conflicts deeply affect the sense of security, safety and progress at the global level. This requires a new approach to economic flows, to security issues, and to scientific aspects as key priorities in the modern way of living. The new time also requires new values in the analysis and action. Improved living conditions for the world population is a global goal, thus without creating a foundation for new values, it is impossible to build a healthy society and progressive humanity. In this complex situation, neither science nor art should lag behind, but they should be one of the leading forces in the search for new values, for effective development, and for efficient forms of existing in synergy.



The aim is to prepare, present, and discuss scientific, professional and artistic papers that ascertain and respect the limitations and stimulation in discovering, analyzing and transmission of ideas, topics, questions, problems and projections in the field of science and art.

The exchange of experiences, information about the origin of individual inspirations and the writing process are also an important goal of the conference confrontation, debate and sublimation.

Conference topics

1. The new value paradigms in science and society
2. Science and society in the era of digitalization
3. Digital era – challenges and risks
4. National security in the context of contemporary security risks and threats
5. Promotion of different concepts of security and protection
6. Crime and its negative impact on the community
7. Legal challenges in the EU integration process
8. Rule of law, human rights and digitalization
9. Challenges in the fight against organized crime and corruption
10. Biomedical research and practices in modern medicine
11. Dentistry as science and art, an incentive in modern societies
12. Combining aesthetics and oral health – a challenge in everyday practice
13. Virtual feats in dentistry
14. Art as a field for new values in the complex modern society
15. Design amidst humanistic approaches and the seductiveness of new fast-growing technologies
16. The role of design in the processes of creating a better society
17. Data science and its applications
18. Modelling and management of business processes
19. Analysis and design of information systems

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Call for the 13th International Scientific Conference