Faculty of Dentistry – Mission

Itroduction and Mission

Faculty of dentistry was founded according to the acts from the Law of higher education, i.e. according to the norms and standards for establishing a higher education institution, provided by this Law. Study program for the First cycle professional studies for dental technician, is compliant to the Law of higher education, including the amendments and supplements to the Law of higher education.

Studies on the First cycle professional studies for dental technician, according to the study program, are academic studies of first cycle, and they last 6 (six) semesters. According to the legal regulation, the academic year begins on October 1, and finishes on September 30, next year and it is divided into two semesters (winter and summer semester).

The structure of the subject contents is conceptualized and aligned to the actuality of the topic, emphasizing the need of more co After graduating and complete implementation of the descriptors, the student acquires the title “GRADUATED PROFFESIONAL DENTAL TECHNITIAN in the field of Prosthetics and Orthodontics” with 180 ECTS credits in the scientific group: Medical science and health care, scientific field: dentistry, scientific area: 30407-Prosthetics and 30403-Orthodontics. According to the Decree for the national frame of higher education, this is VI/B degree of education.