Faculty of Dentistry – Mission

Introduction and Mission

For more than a decade, the Faculty of Dentistry has been working diligently and contributing to the creation of highly qualified healthcare professionals.

At the European University we offer accredited dental studies in Macedonian and English language, compatible with the European higher education area and in accordance with the Bologna process. After the completion of the 5-year curriculum, you will gain 300 ECTS credits, and an academic title Doctor of dentistry. Vocational 3-year studies for Dental Technicians are also available. After their completion you will acquire the title of Graduate Professional Dental Technician in the field of Prosthetics and Orthodontics, along with 180 ECTS credits.

Our teaching facilities are all at one place, the University building in the center of Skopje. We have modern classrooms and amphitheaters equipped with appropriate visual and technical aids (PC, projector, smart board, models, graphs, etc.) and for the pre-clinical and clinical classes, we have 4 laboratories, 2 practice rooms, 32 dental chairs and x-ray diagnostics at our Dental Clinical Center. Our staff consists of over 30 regularly employed teachers, assistants, and health workers, of which 14 specialists from every dental field, as well as many collaborators from the medical sector. In addition to quality theoretical and practical classes, the students are introduced to activities such as congresses, Erasmus+ mobility, guest lecturers' workshops, international conferences, professional meetings, etc. The education that we provide is internationally recognized, and it will give you all the working skills required for the job in any country you choose, as witnessed by numerous examples from our graduates. Also, the Awarded Certificate of Appreciation from the state Dental Chamber is a great recognition of our successful work and exceptional results in dental education. Dentistry is one of those professions that offer you a perspective for personal and professional development and good earnings in any part of Europe and the world. The education that we give will open a number of employment opportunities and a promising dental career, as evidenced by numerous examples from our graduates.