About the European University

The European University is a multilingual educational institution that offers programs in Macedonian and English

International profiles

The European University is the only private university in our country ranked in the QS World University Rankings: EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) region, for 2020. Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is a company based in London, England, specializing in the analysis of the world higher education institutions. Their ranking web-site TopUniversities.com is the # 1 web-site for global higher education rankings, with 170+ million annual views. The profile of the European University is given at the link:

The European University is the only university in our country ranked in the Round University Ranking (RUR), for 2020, which is a ranking of leading world universities, published by the RUR Rankings Agency, based in Moscow, Russia. All data was obtained from Clarivate Analytics, part of the Web of Science. The profile of the European University is given at the link:  https://RoundRanking.com/universities/European-University-Skopje.html

European University – a global family

The European University is the choice of students from different countries. Students and professors at the European University have the opportunity via the Erasmus + program, as well as other programs, to spend some time studying at other universities both in Europe and worldwide. Our goal is to prepare students to be competitive, equipped with knowledge, skills and experience for the world market. More than a decade ago Thomas Friedman said that the WORLD IS FLAT, so we prepare students who with their knowledge and skills will be able to work and operate in companies and institutions both locally and globally. The European University is a multinational, multiethnic, multi-religious and multilingual environment. Our students are preparing to be citizens of the world.

The European University is a multilingual educational institution that offers programs in Macedonian and English. Students have the choice between studying  in Macedonian or English. The University encourages flexible use of languages ​​and its students and employees are encourged to communicate in any of these languages. International students have the opportunity to enroll in an intensive preparatory 1-year English and Macedonian language programme at EURM, which aims to help them improve their language skills before they become full-time students.

European University’s Campus

The European University carries out its educational activity in the area of ​​more than 17,000 square meters, which includes 17 lecture rooms, 2 large amphitheaters, 5 highly sophisticated computer and other laboratories, and graphic design, interior design, and fashion design studios equipped with state-of-the-art sewing machines and tailoring tables. Part of the University’s premises is the University Dental Clinical Center where classes are taught at the Faculty of Dentistry. The Faculty of Dentistry aims to train students – future dentists, for an efficient high-level application of knowledge in the dental field. The Clinical Center “Prof. Dr. Bojo Andreski” is equipped with the latest dental equipment primarily for the needs of students from this faculty, their acquisition of practical skills, but also for patients who are treated there. For the practical training, eight laboratories are equipped with the following for a successful realization of the study programme: Laboratory 1 – for physiology and pathophysiology, Laboratory 2 – Microscopic laboratory – an area of ​​24 m2 and a total of 10 seats. Laboratory 3 – an area of ​​106 m2 and a total of 66 seats with working desks and 4 seats for presentations. The laboratory has its own system for audio and video presentations in place. Laboratory 4 – Biochemical Laboratory – an area of ​​46 m2 and a total of 12 seats. Laboratory 5 – Biochemical Laboratory – an area of ​​46 m2 and a total of 12 seats. Computer laboratory 6 – an area of ​​46 m2 and a total of 24 seats for students and one lecturer. The laboratory is equipped with 25 computer units that are network connected, a projection system and a sound system. Computer laboratory 7- an area of ​​46 m2 and a total of 24 seats for students and one for a lecturer. The lab is equipped with 25 computer units that are network connected, a projection system and a sound system. Laboratory 8 – Anatomy cabinet with an area of ​​25 m2 and a total of 12 seats. Such conditions are only a serious indicator that EURM looks after the needs of the students providing professional conditions for their educational development.

Faculties have state-of-the-art devices and technical support for the execution of envisaged programmes such as computers, servers, printers, scanners, webcams, LCD projectors, graphoscopes, photocopiers, televisions. The university has laptops and desktops, several servers, video projectors, specialized hardware equipment for the future distance learning system. The University also uses numerous software solutions.

The entire equipment and premises of the University are available to students, teachers and administrative staff. The lecture halls are prepared for work in groups of no more than 50 students. The IT rooms are connected on the Internet 24/7 providing students with the necessary conditions for scientific research and completing projecs. Each lecture room is equipped with a computer, connected to an LCD monitor and an audio-visual camera that enables the modern performance of the teaching and simultaneous monitoring of the instruction via the Internet.

All links on the University website are functional, most of the texts and information about faculties and teaching staff are updated, all pages have English translations and a special page for international students is set up. For a faster way to register exams, students are provided with monitors directly related to the Student’s Office. Professors and associates have their own offices with adequate work conditions, especially for consultations with students. The University has a modern security system that requires all students and employees to hold an university ID card, CCTV, as well as specially trained staff from a security agency.

For a more efficient way to communicate important information, instead of bulletin boards, electronic devices with external monitors for each faculty have been installed separately, and the information related to teaching and examinations is published on the Internet, whereby every student has access to the necessary information at all times.

All EURM students use their university e-mail address. The faculties use Moodle, an electronic system for course managing, as well as the university’s official Facebook profile.

The European University has its own library with 2,280 books, textbooks and workbooks, encyclopedias, manuals, lexicons from domestic and foreign authors. The books are mainly provided for subjects taught at the university faculties. The library is systematically arranged by title and author name and available to students. The library also has a modern reading room where students can use the books and prepare for partial exams and exams. Students mainly use books from the library and for preparing graduation and master’s theses. For this purpose, students mainly use books by foreign authors and translations – part of the Government’s initiative to translate and publish the most prominent professors who teach at the famous universities around the world. The majority of the titles are by authors who have worked and still work at the European University as professors. Each subject from the study programmes is taught according to adequate literature prepared by the teaching staff of the university.