Faculty of Economics – Mission

Introduction and Mission

The Faculty of Economics, as a part of the European University, was first accredited in 2001.

The mission of the Faculty of Economics is to provide high quality education that will prepare students for successful professional careers in the areas of management, finance, marketing, and economy in general.

The main goal of the Faculty of Economics is to provide high quality education that can be equated with the education offered by the best higher education institutions in Europe, or in the world. The students are given a strong academic foundation with access to a variety of knowledge (in the areas of the financial management, the business management and the marketing techniques) and they are to be prepared to be productive, competent professionals and responsible citizens in a diverse and dynamic global environment.

The particular activities undertaken by the Faculty and inspired by the mission and the goal that are in accordance with the Law on Higher Education are:

  • Continuously providing a high level of knowledge as a top priority of the faculty;
  • Improving the educational process and the educational activities;
  • Performing scientific and research activities;
  • Implementing contemporary European and international educational trends;
  • Transfer of scientific and professional knowledge and skills;
  • Cooperation with higher education institutions, as well as scientific institutions in the country and abroad;
  • Qualitative evaluation according to the European and international standards.

Study programs of first cycle

The Faculty of Economics offers first and second cycle study programs. The first cycle of studies (four-year studies) offers the study programs of Business Management, Finance and Marketing. Upon their completion, the student acquires the title Bachelor in Business Management, Bachelor in Finance or Bachelor in Marketing respectively. Upon graduation, the student acquires 240 ECTS. The second cycle of studies is a one-year study in the fields of Business Management, Finance, Marketing and Health and Pharmaceutical Management. Upon their completion, the student acquires the title Master in Business Management, Master in Finance, Master in Marketing or Master in Science in Economics in the field of Health and Pharmaceutical Management. Upon completing the second cycle of studies, the student acquires 60 ECTS.