Faculty of Detectives and Criminalistics – Mission

Introduction and Mission

Dear prospective students,

The Faculty of Detectives and Criminalistics aims to prepare you for a successful career in the fields of detective work, public/private security, and criminalistics. Our main mission is to educate our students to be capable of engaging in the detection, proof, clarification and prevention of crimes, as competent professionals who have a high level of knowledge about modern security processes, risks, and threats.

For the successful realization of the study programmes, the university amphitheaters, lecture halls, computer laboratories and library are available, equipped in a modern and functional way. Theoretical instruction is performed through appropriate visual aids (computer, projector, smart board, models, graphs), and part of the practical instruction includes training in firearms and shooting, martial arts, visiting institutions in the security sector and criminal law, etc.

The knowledge and skills acquired at the Faculty of Detectives and Criminalistics will provide you with a competitive advantage in the labor market, especially in areas where you can practically apply them. Institutions from the public sector in which you can potentially be employed are: the Ministry of Interior, the Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and from the private sector the Personnel and Property Security Agencies or the Detective Agencies.

The faculty offers studies in the I (Bachelor) and II cycle (Master), with contemporary study programmes that contain a wide range of courses in the field of criminology, criminal law, criminalistics, security sciences and detective work, that are also closely related to practice.

The studies in the first cycle – curriculum Criminalistics, are in duration of 4 /four/ years. Upon completion, you will gain 240 ECTS credits and the title of Graduate Criminalist. The studies in the second cycle – curriculum Security, are in duration of 1 /one/ year. With the master's degree you gain 60 ECTS credits and the title of Master of Security.