Faculty of Art and Design – Mission


The Faculty of Art and Design was established and accredited in 2006. Its fundamental principles are based upon learning art and design through theory and practice, with focus on interdisciplinary creative methods.

The mission of The Faculty of Art and Design is to train a specialized personnel of designers which will implement their knowledge as a creative expression in three major art departments: Graphic, Fashion and Interior design.Our future graduates, educated in accordance with the European and global standards, will be qualified to successfully apply their acquired knowledge in the field of economy where the quality of the products and services will be improved as well as insuring them a better competitiveness on the West-European markets.

With their educational preparation and creative way of expression the future graduate designers will contribute in improving the conditions for establishing recognizable brands of Macedonian products. Their future engagement in the economy will also contribute to the stimulation of the production via the product designing which includes recognizable elements of the Macedonian culture and tradition, as well as favorable conditions for setting up small design studios as a significant element which will help stimulate individual initiative and develop small businesses.

Through the numerous exhibitions, fashion shows, projects, workshops, as well as the collaborations with major institutions from the country and abroad, the Faculty of Art and Design confirms its dedication for quality in education and contemporary approach to higher education. The accolades and the awards that the Faculty and its students have won are paramount witnesses for this commitment.

Study programs

The Faculty of Art and Design offers study programs of first and second cycle. After completion of the 4-year study program (first cycle of studies) and the graduation project, the student obtains the title of BACHELOR OF ARTS IN DESIGN – Graphic, Fashion or Interior Design, with a score of 240 ECTS.

The second cycle of studies for the academic 2019/20 will be realized with 1-year study program (4+1) and 2-year study program (3+2). Upon completion of the study program, the student works on a master thesis and has two options: MASTER OF DESIGN in Graphic, Interior or Fashion Design (through a theoretical research thesis) MASTER OF ART in Graphic, Interior or Fashion Design (through a practice based design project/exhibition).